We do not suffer from pharmaceutical deficiencies, but from a lack of the building blocks that our bodies require to function.
My goal is to help you understand how to listen to your body's language of symptoms, and empower you with the insight to restore your body to vibrant health.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bone Density, Bone Strength

Fact or Fiction:
  1. Osteoporosis is caused by Calcium deficiency.
  2. Osteoporosis drugs work by strengthening bone.
  3. Salt can be beneficial to bone health.

  1. False.  It is caused by a mineral deficiency
  2. False.  They work by poisoning the bone cells that remodel bone, making it weaker
  3. True.  Unrefined salt is rich in the many trace minerals we need for health.  These are stored in bone until needed.

In 2010, I walked out a door with a 7” drop down, and broke 4 bones in my foot.  
In 2013, my other foot was caught in a trolley car track, yanked in, out, and down, catapulting me 4 feet in the air.  I landed on the cobblestone street.  I separated a bunch of joints in my foot, but broke nothing!  

In 2010, I had good bone density, yet broke 4 bones, with a relatively mild trauma.  

By 2013, I had marked osteoporosis. Much greater trauma, and to all my body!
            Yet I broke NOTHING.  

Clearly bone density and strength can be separate and distinct characteristics of bone.

Bones have 2 primary functions.
1.  To regulate your blood pH in order to keep you alive.
2.  To give something for muscles to pull against, enabling you to breathe, write, lift a child, and walk across the room.

Why is blood pH important to the discussion of bone strength?  

   Because your bone may be sacrificing itself to keep you alive.

  • Normal blood pH is 7.40, with a range of 7.35-7.45.  
  • As the pH drops toward 7.35, organs begin to malfunction
  • A bit more acidic, and death follows

Bone is the storehouse of alkalizing minerals Calcium is among many other minerals we need.  However,  it is the mineral best able to neutralize the acid, returning the pH back to normal.  

  • Our blood is designed to be slightly alkaline, giving us protection from acidic free radicals.  
  • Our bodies evolved to eat a primarily plant based diet, with smaller amounts of animal foods.

However, most of us had gone the way of the Standard processed American Diet, living on --

Foods which increase acidity

  • Sugar 
  • Sodas--carbonic, or phosphoric acid creates the fizzies
  • All processed foods, devoid of minerals, vitamins, or enzymes
  • Wheat--breaks down into sulfuric acid, pH as low as 1
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Dairy
  • Animal products, especially from Factory Farms

Instead of --

Foods which alkalize

  • Raw foods
  • Green foods
  • Citrus fruits--break down products are alkaline
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Plant proteins

The ideal ratio of alkaline to acid producing foods is 3-5:1. 

The Standard American Diet is rich in sugar, refined salt, and wheat, and devoid of alkalizing minerals, and real vitamins.  

Manufactured food will drain the calcium from the bone, and pour it into the bloodstream.  This causes vessels to calcify, and contributes to clogging of arteries.

Alkalizing foods contribute to both bone strength and density.  

Now, we can address the question of why I broke nothing despite marked osteoporosis and  significant trauma--

My diet had drastically changed in order to heal the chronic damage from the earlier injury.

I --
  • Eliminated Wheat from my diet, and chose to follow the Paleo diet
  • Ate calcium rich foods like spinach instead of calcium supplements
  • Juiced a lot of fruits and veggies in my blender, and drank Kombucha, an alkalizing, fermented drink.
  • Used lots of magnesium, both oral and topical
  • Used unrefined salt,  containing trace minerals needed by my bone.  

I had changed to a highly alkalizing diet in order to heal the past chronic injuries in both feet, thus restoring bone strength 

There were a few other things I did,  which will be addressed  in subsequent posts.