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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bone Density, Strength and the Missing Vitamin

Want a healthy way of getting rid of your wrinkles, AND strengthen your bones?

Sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it!  

We have lost an important vitamin from the food chain, courtesy of industrial farming.  This is one vitamin that is easy to take--in supplement form.  AND while you take it, your wrinkles will at least cease to propagate, and may even disappear!
Wonder how this can possibly be?  

Some background information you need on Calcium, once you swallow it:

  • Vitamin D takes your calcium supplement across the gut, and into your bloodstream.  
  • There, this calcium moves through your blood vessels, where it may precipitate onto the arterial walls.

In 2011, the British Medical Journal published a study that found that for 3 bone fractures prevented by calcium supplements, there were 6 cardiovascular events--strokes or heart attacks due to hardening of the arteries.  

How can we create dense bones AND protect the heart?

Calcium is stored ideally in the bones, but must be taken there.   And the vitamin that is able to get it there is no longer in our food chain.  

Vitamin K2 is that vitamin.  

Its job is to activate 2 very important proteins.  When Vitamin K2 bonds to them, a scoop is created, perfectly shaped for calcium!  Without K2 attached, these proteins are unable to move the calcium out of the bloodstream.

  • The first is osteocalcin.  Osteo means bone, and calcin - calcium. Once activated by K2, it scoops the calcium from the bloodstream, and holds it while incorporated into bone.  Inactivated, it attaches to other collagen.  Especially well seen in your face.  Hence the wrinkles. 
  • The second protein activated by K2 cleans calcium out of the arteries.  When inactive, it attaches to vein walls, making veins in legs more prominent.
  • There is more to the bone density and strength story, which we will address in the next post.

Lets look another aspect of my severe osteoporosis, whereby I broke nothing.  
I was taking K2, at more than one a day, for my wrinkle-removing experiment.  Since I wanted to see if my deep forehead furrows could disappear, I was taking 2-3 of these a day.  And it was working fantastically! 

And the side-effect was that with significant trauma and eggshells for bone, I broke nothing.