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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bones Respond to Thought

Why do Japanese women have markedly lower density of the hip bone, yet their incidence of hip fractures is only 40% of hip fractures in the US.?

Because those who are small-boned may be on the lower end of the density scale, even though their bones are not at risk.  

Bone density does not judge fragility of bone.  

Bone strength and quality, which includes the underlying collagen structure, determine the likelihood of fracture.  

The immune system is regulated through the limbic system.  
Bone health is also regulated by endorphins, through the limbic system.

  • Stress, cancer, depression, autoimmune disorders, and diabetes can all trigger bone resorption. 
  • It is better to work at improving endorphin release than to jump at the "density building" drugs, most of which paralyze some important collagen building enzymes.


  • By your mindset.  
  • Follow the endorphin building list in first discussions on this topic.  
  • Envision your bones, or other issue, healing and resolving.  
  • Do not focus on removing the problem, but instead focus on its replacement with health.

A woman told me once of her healing journey, which is an excellent example of this..._

She was 17, and had a horrific accident, shattering her leg into many pieces.  Doctors had been working to heal this leg for months, all without any success.  There were starting to be mentions of amputation as the best option, due to the lack of any sign of healing.  

This got her thinking.  On total bed rest  stuck on the sofa, she had been dwelling on missing her senior year festivities, and resentful of the injury.  

She decided to instead focus on seeing her leg healing, all the pieces knitting themselves togetherHer leg long, straight, and healthy.  She continued to envision this.  Her doctor  was surprised to see healing a few weeks later, but that was nothing compared with the next visit--  

The Xray showed complete healing!

What the extensive medical efforts had failed to accomplish, envisioning had achieved!

  • Envisioning is another way thought mediates the responses in our bodies.
  • It is truly amazing what power your thoughts can have, acting through the endorphins.

Candace Pert’s audiobook To Feel Go(o)d  addresses this topic very well.  My favorite site for her audiobooks is SoundsTrue.

The power your thoughts have to heal your body is truly amazing!  

All through the endorphins.