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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dramatic Diabetes Increase over just 8 years

From 2001-2009, there was a 21% increase in children with Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes, and 30% increase in Type 2 diabetes!  
Published 5/7/2014 in the JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association.

This is scary from several perspectives:
  • This is a dramatic increase over just 8 years.  Normally, studies must last years longer in order to reach statistical significance.  
  • Elevated blood sugar damages proteins throughout the body.  Diabetics physically age more rapidly, particularly starting at such an early age.  
  • Insulin is elevated with blood sugar increases.  Insulin is profoundly inflammatory.
Inflammation is the common feature in all our most common chronic diseases.
It is now blamed for instigating the 4 most common adult causes of death:
  • Dementia
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

Blood Sugar and Insulin

Oftentimes, the pancreas must raise the insulin levels in order to maintain a "normal" blood sugar.  Therefore, the fasting blood sugar, and HbA1c (index of the amount of damaged protein in red blood cells) are not particularly high. 

That is, not high enough to raise red flags.  However, the protein damage is occurring, and the inflammation is continuing.

If your fasting sugars are 90 or higher, or your waist size equals or exceeds your hip measurement,
you may want to consider asking for a Fasting Insulin Level.

This is one test that will provide insight into how hard your pancreas is working,
as well as how much inflammation may be underway.

Save your lab results

My other advice is to get a copy of every lab result you have, and save it under the date either in a paper file, or digital one.  

YOU are then able to watch for trends in blood sugar, renal function, and the other results.  And notice subtle progressive changes while there is time to reverse them!

Empowering you to gain the information you need to return to wellness!