We do not suffer from pharmaceutical deficiencies, but from a lack of the building blocks that our bodies require to function.
My goal is to help you understand how to listen to your body's language of symptoms, and empower you with the insight to restore your body to vibrant health.

Undoing the Healthcare Mess

Hi!  I’ve been working in the health care field for over 30 years.  In that time, I have watched a shift in the focus of the healthcare industry.  From a focus on maintaining wellness, to that of managing chronic illness.  From instructing on proper lifestyle and a fresh food diet, to just pushing pills.  From instructing on natural methods of addressing the source of the symptom, to pushing a prescription for the symptom.

And I am sick of it!  Gone are the days when there was time for the clinician to address any of these concerns.  Listen, write a script, and out the door is all the insurance industry pays for.  Patients are so used to getting medications for everything, they don’t want to change their unhealthy lifestyles or diets that are the source of their problems.

We Americans are now spending more for health care than the next 10 countries combined, yet we now rank 31st in health outcomes!   

How can we undo this mess?

We need to listen to our bodies!  How do they speak?  Symptoms are their language!  
We just need to learn to understand the language.  Are you ready to start learning the language?

This is an adventure I want to take you on--if you want to learn to dialog with your body for mutual benefit.